What's Wenland?

Wenland is a free plataform for people who enjoy traveling, getting to know other cultures or making new friends.

How does it work?

Once you've signed up, you can switch between being a Local or a Traveler. If you're a Local, Travelers will be able to contact you to meet up in your home city. if you're a Traveler, you'll be able to search for Locals who might want to meet up with you. You can also meet up with anyone independently of what they are, of course!

Every user has a Status. This includes your country of origin, your contry of destiny (which can be set to None if you're not traveling, a Local), and a small message describing what you want to do when you meet up with someone (going for a walk, having a coffee...). Your Status can be updated at any time from the main page (click the Wenland logo at any time to go there). Other users will be able to find you via your status, and contact you via private messaging.

Is it free?

Yes! We believe that everyone should be able to go on cultural exchanges independently of their wealth, without imposing any kind of barrier in between.

Is it secure?

Wenland provides users with a private messaging system, so you can contact other people and get to know them a bit before meeting them in person. We strongly suggest you meet up with other users always in public places, at your discretion. We'll be publishing a page soon with some safety tips we consider necessary to enjoy Wenland at its fullest.

How did Wenland start?

Wenland began as a crazy idea of a 19 year old girl who was studying Computer Science and was willing to make something big. Never forget this: if you can dream it, you can make it.

Wow, I want to sign up so badly right now!

Go ahead!